Monthly Archives: January 2018

I Need to Lose More Weight

I have been working out every morning and trying my best to keep my diet low in calories, although I have to admit that on occasion I let go of it and have a slice of pie or whatever it is that I am craving. Today I have been on the web looking at things like the best CLA safflower oil reviews, that is something that one of my friends claims is going to work. Of course there is always a million different things that someone says will work, but in fact the thing that works is the thing that everyone really hates, hard work and discipline. I have been trying very hard to employ both of them, but right now I am looking around to try to find something that will curb my appetite if that is really possible. Of course they have energy drinks and stuff of that sort and I am thinking about trying to find something that works. Of course the things that you know will work are illegal, because they are dangerous. (more…)